Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The CIA tried to ban this post. YOU are lucky enough to read it

People keep asking me what my favourite film is. 

I can't answer that.

I like these films. And some others.

So stop fucking asking me. 

The Contrapreneur's Top 30* 

*It might be 31 or 32, I couldn't be arsed to actually count it.*
(*Also there's no particular order, though the first one is pretty good)

Here's The List
(Number One, maybe) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind        
Secrets and Lies  
4 months, 3 Weeks and whatever the rest of the fucking title is 
Spirited away  
Social network  
The death of mr lazarescu  
Almost Everything ever made by Michael Haneke, even his dodgy early stuff   
The infant (or whatever it is in French) 
The class (or, "le Class") 
Taxi driver 
Crimes and misdemenours, or whatever the correct spelling is  
Blade runner 
Mr Turner 
Fish tank 
American honey  
Fight club 
Team america  
Under the skin  
A serious man 
Manchurian candidate  
Annie hall, and the other one  
Reservoir dogs 
Winter’s bone  
The third man 
Bowling for columbine 
Jonny Mnemonic 
Some other bollocks
Let's face it you stopped reading by now anyway